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Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition consulting may include dietary & food balancing, food & cooking knowledge, recommendations for existing health concerns to reduce symptoms & discomfort, support for a strong immune system, stress reduction techniques or lifestyle options for ‘clean’ living

Telephone inquiry: Free 15-minute consult to identify what are you looking for and if our services would be a good fit for you.

Initial consultation: Goes over your concerns & goals, food log, and background information to assess the best approach for your needs. The appointment is 1.5 hours. 

Hourly sessions: Nutrition & lifestyle recommendations & hand-outs. May include additional assessment forms.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees. Please contact if you have any additional questions. 

By appointment only, in person,

Wednesday – Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday 9:30 a.m.– 12:30 p.m. 

Home Office, Kemptville, ON 

As a competitor in the bodybuilding industry with Celiac Disease, I have truly come to realize the importance of focusing on eating a healthy, balanced diet. As you can't "out-train" a bad diet and unhealthy habits. But also to create sustainable, balanced and healthy habits. Through competing I have come to realize that many coaches in the bodybuilding industry give you “cookie cutter” meal plans and expect your fitness plan to do the rest. With SP Fitness Consulting that is not the case.

Having Celiac Disease and an iron and b12 deficiency, I have come to realize that everyone’s nutritional needs are different and what works best varies from person to person. When it comes to your personal growth, development and mental well-being let me help find what works best for you. Ditch the diet, let's build sustainable eating and fitness practices together. 

Why work with me?

I am a Certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified

Have over 8 years of work experience in a gym setting

Experience in the bodybuilding industry as a national level bikini and figure competitor through the CPA (previously known as the OPA).

Over 6 years of experience healing and working through various injuries with a physiotherapist and kinesiologist. This included: various postural issues such as upper cross syndrome and weak feet, rehabilitating mid to upper back and a neck injuries.

These experiences in addition to my background in ballet, gymnastics, sports and yoga has brought me the knowledge and tools to be able to asses where you're at as a whole and to create a wellness plan for you that goes though multiple stages of progression to meet your goals. But also to be able to get you functioning at your best.