A Perspective on Wellness

I figured the best way to start this blogging thing would be to share with you, as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my take on how we can care for ourselves better.

 For the most part North Americans live in a system of caring for the sick.

A preventative approach through nutrition would be far more useful but there is far more to it than this. I believe marketing and profit get in the way of consumers making educated choices that can benefit their health.

We need to take a holistic approach.

‘Holistic’ comes from the word holism, the root being holo, meaning ‘whole, entire’. The full definition is “A theory which regards nature as a unity, made up of ‘wholes’ which are more than a mere aggregation of different elements.” (Universal Dictionary of the English Language).

Perhaps consider this; ones lifestyle, physical and mental state along with the environment that surrounds us all factor into our overall wellness. Let go of ego, the trends, the “I wants”, and treat yourself with respect. Humans can accept responsibility for their own health through their daily choices and actions. Assess where your priorities are and hopefully you will make this one of them.

How can we best implement this?  Through education. Educating youth, before they leave home preferably, would be like preventative medicine, but education at any age has its benefits and can be passed on to your offspring or anyone you care about.

As I have said in many of my workshops “We are our body’s keepers.” Under optimal conditions our bodies are amazing, self-healing machines. Learning what those conditions are, and how to support them is key, and I feel it’s a shame these topics are not part of the school curriculum as a basic life skill.

I have a passion for learning about the body and food (among other things!) which is ongoing since it is such a vast topic. I get great enjoyment out of sharing my bit of knowledge with others and therefore see myself as a consultant and educator. 

I will be sharing with you this kind of information in future blogs, so I hope you will tune in!

Be well, stay well,


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