“Carol was great! She helped me get back on track with a healthy (tailored) food plan and made some great recommendations for supplements. She is very thorough and knowledgeable, and if she doesn’t have the info for you right away she goes the extra mile to figure out what you need. I recommend Carol if you want a grounded practitioner who will help you tune up your nutrition routine while incorporating what’s going on in your life.”

M. Wilson


“I went to see Carol to help me lose weight.  I had been at my best weight in years when life threw our family a major health issue and I put on 40 lbs over 3 years dealing with this. AND I was no longer interested in ‘counting points’.  Carol never weighed me as the number of lbs I weighed did not matter to her.  What mattered was that I was guided to good nutrition and ‘the weight will take care of itself’. After requesting and receiving a meal plan for 1 week along with lots of information, I was able to maneuver through months of healthy eating.  I lost 12 lbs in 3months.  I now have a road map that I continue to consult when I fall off the proverbial wagon, as life has continued to challenge my family.  Carol has been a great support in more ways than just nutrition, dare I call her ‘friend’.  Thanks Carol.”

Nicole, Retired


“I went to Wholesum Approach for advice on how to eat and feel healthier. Carol was exactly what I needed to help me get on track with my health. I filled in background information forms and a couple of questionnaires on certain body systems.   She listened to me on how I was feeling and took notes. It is amazing all the little things you find out about yourself and your body functions!  I was given a diet plan to follow which is ongoing. What a difference it made in just a couple of weeks with the changes to my eating habits.

Carol helped me from the inside out and for that I’m very grateful to her.”



“I used Wholesum Approach Nutrition coaching  to help with several health issues I had been dealing with for two years. Carol Pillar is very thorough and detailed. She took a complete background history and then spent several hours with me pointing out ways I could improve my diet and lifestyle and would explain why in ways that made sense. Her knowledge is vast and she was able to provide suggestions to ease my symptoms. By making the changes Carol recommended, I was able to make several improvements within a short period of time. She is always available to answer my questions and would, even after our consultation, send me additional information that she came across in her research.”

Tracey, Developmental Service Worker


“After struggling with various health issues for the last 4 years, seeing a number of specialists and coming away with few satisfactory solutions, I spent a couple of hours with Carol to go through my entire health history. As she studied the pieces of my ‘puzzle’ she soon found that things did not add up and recommended that I revisit my Dr. to have my glandular system rechecked. Thankfully the results of this postponed a scheduled operation and have led to more definitive testing. Carol provided me with information, simple dietary adjustments and suggestions for glandular and gut support that are beginning to help re-balance my body. She also helped me understand how stress and lifestyle choices have played a huge part in these issues. I am pleased to call her ‘my Nutritionist’ as she is always encouraging and available to answer my questions.”

Brenda, Realtor


“Even though your car with a few years on it is running well enough, you sometimes take it in to the garage for a general check up before you set out on a long trip.  My next long trip is to make it in good health from 75 to 95.  With this in mind I thought it was time for a nutritional checkup.  That’s why I booked an appointment with Carol Pillar.  I was pleasantly surprised.  She asked a lot of questions about my diet and my general life style.  She did a thorough analysis and came back with some very useful recommendations which were easy to incorporate into my weekly regime.  Carol knows her stuff.  You can’t get this sort of personal advice from health magazines!  Anybody who needs a nutritional tune up should book an appointment.  Indeed you should see her even if your long journey is just to make it to 75.”

Bill, Kemptville