This wonderfully zesty ‘live’ food is rich in can saurk
enzymes and should be a regular part of a
health promoting diet!
You will need:
Large cutting board, carving knife, large bowl,
coarse salt, two extra large mason jars sterilized,
two weights, two pieces of cotton fabric, two elastics.

Purchase 2 firm cabbages, fall harvest are freshest.
Wash thoroughly, slice in half then into thin strands
working your way towards the core.
Put a layer into the large bowl, sprinkle with 1 tblsp salt. Pack down with a potato masher.  Continue slicing/layering/salting/packing. When bowl is half full continue to pound for at least 10 minutes to encourage moisture to come out of the cabbage.
Extra flavoring such as caraway seeds, or fresh chopped dill or mint can be blended in at this point.
Transfer into your first jar, leaving 2“ headspace.  Over the next 24 hours, the salt will draw out more moisture as fermentation begins. Press your sterilized weight onto the cabbage, cover with cloth and elastic.  Repeat for second jar.
If there isn’t enough moisture to cover the cabbage by at least ½” after 24 hrs, then add a sprinkle of salt to some boiled water that has been cooled, to the jars.
Store in a cool (60 -70 degrees) dark place for 5 weeks, checking daily and pressing weight into the kraut especially around the edges.
Refrigerate and enjoy with sausages, as a side, on soups or salads. Extra jar can always be separated into smaller portions and frozen.