Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables have a long tradition in Eastern cultures.  They are rich in enzymes, nutrients and help feed the beneficial microorganisms in your gut to help keep you healthy and your immune system strong.  Plus they are so easy to make! Take advantage of freshly harvested produce to make your favorite combination.

Recipe by cookbook author Hallie Klecker

Sterilize 2, 4 cup glass jars and lid. veg fermentDissolve 2 & 1/2 rounded tablespoons of sea salt in 5 cups of filtered water, set aside.
Chop a combination of veggies, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cabbage.
Add optional flavoring such as garlic, ginger, dill seed, caraway, basil or oregano. Fill to 1″ of the top.

Stir salt water and pour in leaving 1/2″ to fit a small folded cabbage leaf snugly into the jar.
Press to submerge vegetables.

Place jars in a tray out of direct sunlight.  Screw lids on tightly. (plastic may be used to avoid salt corrosion but I found they did not seal tight enough, the plastic coated lid of a pickle jar worked best – provided it is not damaged)
After 2 days undisturbed ‘burp’ your jars once/day to release gasses, re-tighten the lids, for a total fermentation time of 7-10 days. Store your jars in the fridge (they will keep for a few months) but be sure to enjoy the veggies in salads, or as sides to your main dishes!