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Dine & Discover event coming this Fall

Join us for an evening in a cosy dining atmosphere at Geraldine’s Gallery.
Enjoy a four course meal, prep and cooking demonstrations along with nutrition tips.

Hosted by Wholesum Approach and Jen Digby ,  Epicure Consultant.

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D&D Italy

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New dates to be announced

New Fantastic crop

Do you struggle with low energy, allergy symptoms, acid reflux, bloating or gut discomfort?  Are you finding it hard to stay on track with healthy meal choices or want to lose  a few pounds?

The Feel Fantastic 10 day Program is one that will motivate you to plan for wellness, build a positive outlook and help you achieve optimal body weight.  We focus on improving your ‘gut’ function through quality nutrition, supporting healthy digestion and provide  tips for coping with stress. It is all laid out for you in your package so it is easy to follow and we do some ‘hands-on’ practice in our first meeting. You take it from there, we stay on track via e-mail and meet again in two weeks to review what you’ve accomplished!

The benefits – feel better, sleep better, strengthen your immune system and get your body working for you, not against you.  Continue into the future with these practices and reap the benefits for the long term.


Look good, feel fantastic, and experience vitality for the rest of your life!

ONLY $85

The Program includes:

Two meeting days, 62 Hurd St. Kemptville.
Group Introductory day, Saturday TBA , 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Completed Challenge Day, Saturday TBA, 10 a.m.
Personalized contact via email throughout the program.

In your package:

  • Dietary recommendations
  • Support for good digestion
  • Grocery list
  • Tally/Journal pages
  • Stress reducing tips
  • Stretch & Strengthen practice
  • Savings coupons
  • Activity recommendations / free class cards

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