The Approach

   As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I encourage active living, consuming wholesome, clean foods, help ensure you have good digestion and a healthy gut, while suggesting ways to minimize stresses to the body.

summer vegI specialize in supporting a healthy digestive system which is key to supporting a strong immune system and can help with a variety of other chronic concerns.

I am not a Doctor, I do not diagnose, prescribe or perform any invasive procedures. My passion is to educate, guide and empower clients toward self-responsibility.

Our services are provided in a non-judgmental, respectful, and responsible manner while ensuring complete confidentiality.

You choose the approach you wish to take. Educational workshops, wellness and healthy lifestyle programs or one-on-one meetings with questionnaires that provide a ‘whole’ picture of your state of wellness. The ‘sum’ of these factors, plus your health goals, provide the information to create a wellness plan unique to your needs.

If you have a health condition or chronic symptoms, the approach can complement existing therapy.  Together we will look at the root cause (often poor gut function) and find the most appropriate way support your body’s natural ability to heal and be well.

If you prefer a more ‘hands-on’ approach, watch for available programs by visiting  Programs/Events for more information.

The Benefits of learning from a Nutritionist:

  • Are long term, with reduced symptoms, less discomfort
  • yoga1plenty of beneficial gut flora
  • improved sleep
  • a stronger immune system
  • achieve your optimal weight
  • overall healthier body
  • having the knowledge to maintain this state of wellness

Let the Wholesum Approach help you

“Maximize your Health and Vitality!”


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