Carol Pillar R.H.N., Registered Holistic Nutritionist

port in jacket border   This designation is specific to graduates of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition  Carol is also an artist, mother and caregiver.

Being a long-time advocate of choosing a ‘natural’ approach to health whenever possible, and being inspired by a close friend who passed away from a brain tumor,  provided the incentive for Carol to enter this complementary health field.

She believes in an approach that places the emphasis on healthy living and ultimately the prevention of illness.   This is where the Natural Nutrition program excelled.  Learning how the body functions at a cellular level, the study of health issues, suitable nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, the program also emphasized the importance of looking at the whole picture.  A person’s state of wellness is related to the physical, mental and emotional body. Carol has faced illnesses of family members and  some of her own health issues using this approach.

Now this long time interest has grown into a passion.  A passion to share her knowledge and help people live a long and vibrant life.  Carol continues to update and expand her training through professional webinars and courses such as The Healthy Gut Program and Food Handling Certification.  She is a conscientious Nutrition coach who pays attention to detail, is encouraging and will develop a program that works  for you.

Although she can help clients with a variety of health issues, Carol’s primary focus is on digestive health.  Direct experience has come from her own family’s genetic ‘weak link’ in this area.  If you struggle with heartburn, bloating, food sensitivities, allergy-like symptoms, skin issues, irritable bowel disease, weight concerns or frequent illness that is affecting your daily activities there are solutions.


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